Pandemic Feeling I

Wood frame with WHITEWALL Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl print behind glas


This artwork is one-of-a-kind from my private collection. The in-camera double-exposure-image just describes the last year and months pretty much on point. We all had to keep up the positive thoughts while wandering through unknown foggy terrain.

The picture is printed on a high-quality 285 g FineArt Pearl Hahnemühle paper by WHITEWALL and presented behind glas. The image itself is 19 x 19 cm, the vintage frame is 34 x 34 cm in size.

Artwork is limited to 1 piece only.

Vintage wood frame
Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl paper printed py WHITEWALL
Size print: 19 x 19 cm
Size with frame: 34 x 34 cm
Location: Artwork was shot in Berlin - Nature was shot in Austria
Year: 2015