1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do!

2. Can I buy two or more prints?

Yes of course. However my shop system will charge shipping costs for each print or artwork. I will refund you the amount you have over-payed after I received your order. It is also possible that you send me an email in advance, so I can send you a customized Paypal invoice.

3. How much is the shipping, when I'm not in the EU?

It pretty much all depends on the size of the artwork and where you life. Please send me an email before you order online, so I can tell you the exact shipping costs to your country: shop@lorenzholder.com

4. How long does it take, till I receive a print or artwork?

In most cases about 5-7 business days.

5. Can I order a random photo of you as a print or artwork?

Yes of course, just send me an email: shop@lorenzholder.com