Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl Print

About the Paper

I've searched a long time to finally find the perfect paper for my prints. It's thick and heavy with a little bit of a structure, so it's not too shiny when you hang it on your wall. This paper brings out every detail and supports my high contrast pictures best. It works perfect for both colour and black & white pictures. You can hang it on your wall just like it is, or you can frame it behind glass - that's up to you.

Print sizes are in cm and come with a 3 cm border for further mounting and framing options.

FinaArt Perl
285 g/m² · 100% α-Cellulose · bright white · pearl-finish
The authentic artist paper by Hahnemühle is viewed by professional photographers as an exquisite, high-end product.
The bright white of FineArt Pearl enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth in black and white or colour photography. The special coating provides a pearl-finish.






About Acrylic Glass

Prints behind Acrylic Glass are in my opinion the most eye-catching way of getting art on a wall. The colours come out perfectly and the sharpness is incredible.

I'm offering three different options of Acrylic Glass:
- Glossy in 2mm and 6mm thickness that works best for brighter pictures.
- Matte in 2mm for darker pictures to avoid reflections

All Acrylic Glass Artworks come with an aluminium hanging system on the backside.

Real Photoprint behind Acrylic Glass

Clear details appear razor sharp, images loom back into their depths – the unique, brand-name glass (Lumasec Esprit®) enhances the luminosity of the color photos and strengthens their depth of field. Choose from two different glass thicknesses to vary the effect: discreet depths with 2mm or an imposing impression with 0,6mm of acrylic glass. In addition to the many optical advantages, acrylic glass is notably lighter and tougher than traditional glass. It also offers your photo natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent any loss of color. In a delicate process, your photo will be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass sheet using durable elastic silicon – leaving it completely free of tears and bubbles. Finally, the edges of your work will be precision cut and smoothed using a CNC milling machine.




2mm vs 6mm
The polished premium acrylic glass by the brand name manufacturer ("Lumasec Esprit®") gives your motif optimum protection against damage. There are two glass depths available for the original photo print under acrylic glass: 2mm and 6mm. All the edges are cut and ground precisely using a Wolfram CNC milling machine.




About Acrylic Glass Matte

The surface: Matte acrylic glass ensures brilliance and prevents reflections

The matte surface of the premium, brand-name acrylic glass (Lumasec Esprit®) absorbs the reflections often caused by glossy surfaces. You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect lighting for your work. All the advantages of an acrylic glass mounting remain: the impressive depth of field, the clear image details, and the bright colors. Even fans of black-and-white images and portraits have been won over by this presentation form. Acrylic glass is also much more robust than traditional glass and offers your photos natural protection from UV rays.








About the Buttlerfinish

Aluminium Buttlerfinished prints are an eye-catching piece of art. Thanks to the brushed aluminium surface the photos get an extraordinary, metallic appearance.

White and very bright areas of the picture are left clean in the printing process, so the shiny alumium shines through in those areas.

Once the image has been printed on the surface there is a wafer thin seal created using a clear resin, which retains the matte effect of the aluminum Dibond backing.

All Aluminium Buttlerfinish Artworks come with an aluminium hanging system on the backside.







About Canvas

Canvas is pretty much the best way to have a piece of art on your wall, when you're looking for traditional and cool at the same time.

The characteristic texture of canvas produces an impression quite different to that of the flat, glossy surfaces of modern image bases. Grainy shots without clear contours work particularly well on canvas – they are given additional strength of expression and exude a warmth into their surroundings. Your photo benefits from the haptic, three-dimensional appearance of the material – one can almost see the production process in each individual fiber.






Semi-Glossy Print on Wood

About Wood Prints

My wood prints are all 100% handmade and a great piece of art. A photoprint is glued to a massive woodplate and afterwards painted with an acrylic varnish. With this technique, the surface gets a little bit of a structure, almost like canvas, but with semi-glossy effect.

The side edges are formed in a very slightly round shape with cement and painted afterwards in a colour that matches the picture.

When I first saw one of my prints made that way, I was just blown away. It's like a luxury edition of a canvas artwork.

This kind of production is pretty unique and you will not find a lot of people who own something like this.